Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Uses for cloned woolly mammoths

The possibility of cloning woolly mammoths has been back in the news lately. Someone I know asked what they would be good for:
I have compiled a list. Thanks to Aliya Vasylenko for her contributions.
  • Wool
  • Easier to get across Alps than elephants
  • Men's rights activists can fight them to boost their self-esteem
  • Zoo attraction
  • Food
  • Episode of Inside Nature's Giants
  • Polo variant for cold climates
  • Replacement for elephants for when they go extinct
  • Ivory source
  • Decorative hairdressing subject for animal shows
  • Pet therapy for the elderly; especially effective due to unique combination of wool and trunk
  • Riding through Siberia
  • Bookmobile for those hard to reach areas
  • Breed with elephants to produce mammophants
  • Potential for musical talent, if they're anything like elephants:

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