Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello world

This is the first post from Michael Bench-Capon's Blog, and you may be the first reader. I'm Michael Bench-Capon, and most of the content will probably be posted by me. So you'll know what to expect, I'll say a little about myself. I'm a philosophy PhD student, so I'll probably be writing about philosophy a bit. I'm quite into middlebrow culture (Seinfeld, Philip Roth etc) so I might write about some of that. I sometimes go through poetry-writing phases, so there may be some poetry on here too. I also take an interest in current affairs and sometimes form an opinion about something, so I won't promise to keep the blog wholly apolitical. I don't have any children or a usable camera so I won't be posting any boring baby photos. It'll probably be mostly philosophy.

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